Saturday, September 21, 2013

Three Fears - by Bob Atkinson

Three Fears
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

Our Greatest Fear: "... no opening to unpedigreed
genius, no purchase to ambition and hope, no stimulus to invention and enterprise ..."

who tells of a system devoid
of breaking into a different mold
when unvarnished malcontents control
who gets full acknowledgement of hope

biased in those ways of old times
paying homage to some dopey tag lines
causes millions to die in painful agony
while pushing to the front dire tragedy

we here in the back lots of freedom
gasp at those who seem as demons
telling always their simple lies
trying to pull wool over our eyes

opportunity needs a highway
no predetermined requirement applied
merely that which fills a bill
and competes with required skill

ambition cannot be sequestered
thoughts of moving it unfettered
drive us toward our finite goals
no matter who determines modes

hope injects our motivation
taking us from static to salvation
transitory in its form, as minds adorned
tallied way points of ignored norms

don't quash my desire to innovate
don't keep me down while you agitate
don't follow me into my domain
then tell me I'm not allowed such gain

keep potential occupied
keep hope, fierce ambition alive
not with numbers satisfied
but toward achievements justified

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