Saturday, September 21, 2013

To Call Us Native - by Bob Atkinson

To Call Us Native
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
came we did from distant lands
to conquer, kill and infect man
we did what we could do with life
drew our guns and drew our knives

all who claim that title present
hold not sincere argument
if they came, they came to conquer
subdue, kill, plead supremacy

all who live among us now
some here for long, some new to town
fed the stream of blood mixed culture
lived their lives as people humble

humble had then different meaning
something now we can't relate
times do change for the better
if we let it, all sadness abates

future's sharpened if we forget dreadful
all who lived can't claim good intent
grab best force, force of positive
teach your children all your knowledge

today we're in this boat together
absorbing wisdom from each other
loving diversity for its own sake
grabbing life with a goodness rake

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