Friday, October 18, 2013

Active Awareness of Conscious Intention (Purpose) - by Bob Atkinson

Active Awareness of
Conscious Intention
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

count our indiscretions
we all have plenty to
infuse our generation
with devil's attitude

lacking intention to succeed
we lay there on our hay
and fiddle with the question
"... what to do today?"

well, if your soul's so shallow
you do not have firm "... to do's ..."
cannot help you with humanity
no expansion on human views

purpose guides us to our goal
honor be its name
and sets our course for activity
that desire for personal gain

or giving ourselves to others
helping those whom we can
assist in living out that treasure
with which we were born as man

life of potential good
and suppression of what's bad
looking out to see ourselves
enhance all that we can

carries with it goals supreme
that simple kind of stuff
which fills our hearts with charity
and keeps us looking up

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