Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Alice's Impasse - by Bob Atkinson

Alice's Impasse
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

she fell down a large hole
toward some strange adventure
observation of life as it wasn't
an unqualified sequester

wasn't her favorite choice
thrust into a confused state
simply lived out what had been
an open season of disgrace

her room left nothing to imagine
no hidden corners there
just simple set of deviant walls
laid out with addled care

some doors too large to open
some doors too small for her
no independent action
available to a fickle girl

a smile open in the dark
at first no body showed
then as light opened up
she saw it on the bough

answers formed in a circle
told of things to do
now what was that he told me?
what is it I should do?

confused session with the fellow
left her mind so not aware
alone to wander down the way
no hurry, no worry, no cares

oh my gosh these moments
of being not in control
hope those lasting outcomes don't
cause my mind to roll down hill

ships afloat with bottoms up
shark bellies on the surface
wagons pushed by horses
seemed so extremely disturbing

rivers flowing up the hill
waves lapping at land candy
clouds bouncing up and down
snow floating above the sand

what seems real sometimes is not
what seems firm we cannot tell
if yes, or no become answers
do we respond with cries or bells?

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