Thursday, October 17, 2013

City Folks vs Country Folks - by Bob Atkinson

City Folks vs Country Folks
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

were of the same blood
these two sides mortally opposed
to betterment of each other
peace, firm goodwill remote

one faction born in cities
one born in sparser lands
each seeing self as supreme
as survival had demanded

fought to slight the opposition
they fought to keep their freedom
identity required bravery
and suppression of idealism

allowed themselves to become enslaved
to their culture and its deviousness
which further enhanced killing
a substantial form of weakness

did not see themselves as brothers
no feeling for the other side
just pursued their own interests
forced upon them from self pride

what can the final outcome hold
no good deeds for any man
just terror in the hearts of mothers
when children blown from limb to limb

do we have another way
to feed our future direction
and find good ways to extricate
great cultures from oblivion?

don't know answers to this question
no bright explanations in my head
but, can see no truth in errors
brought forth by bad intentions

hold fast to peace, tranquility
hold fast to calm direction
oppose those who see this world
as their personal power progression

power corrupts those absolutely
causes death before one's time
and seeks to gain absolution
where forgiveness never shines

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