Friday, October 18, 2013

Give it Some Thought - by Bob Atkinson

Give it Some Thought
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

we sailed out on the oceans
we climbed upon the shore
we set our flags upon the sand
'till natives shouted "ours"
we flew up over mountains
we dove down to depths in ships
we circled Earth up there beyond
where no breath has ever been
we filed into their center
after we burned their cities down
turned a cultured world to rubble
then let our own cities crumble down
we take to these adventures
because of who we are
the ones of true perspective
wild men of sharpened claw

these tales of great adherence
to expanded wild man state
drawn from eons percolated
through our musty brains

show frightful pacing of deceit
and movement toward barbaric
then sweetened attitude between
the abrupt force of the caustic

and the centered feeling
of doing some great task
by killing those opposed to us
where understanding is most lacking

yes, we do these things of lore
and smile when we remember
giving more to them when we
brought their final surrender
now we see no purpose
in fighting ever more
we turn to organization
of great cities created for

that life and sweet endeavor
that filling deed of now
where we teach our children good
turn our factories toward making plows

so now I must be sleeping
not heard this desire from them
they let our towns decay to dust
and drugs fill our children's veins

while turning arguments to what
gives left or right or center
meaningful attention
while most of us know better

don't tell me I'm not romantic
don't shut me into corners
of your base descriptions
those simple do's and don't-ers

for I believe in my heart
we've really gotta think
about that direction we will take
to make our thoughts wildly percolate

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