Thursday, October 24, 2013

So You Want to be a King, Huh? - by Bob Atkinson

So You Want to be a King, Huh?
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

"... Humility, the first of all other virtues
 - for other people ..."
Oliver Wendell Holmes

some men got it, some men don't
while some men see themselves as dopes
some men peer out from a veil
of self conscious bravado unrestrained

some men see themselves as kings
without ever knowing what that means
merely want to stand on top
of the mountain surveying all

looking down onto their vassals
understand not what that entails
twenty hours of work each day
organization without hourly pay

seeing to it all are paid
all good workers productively engaged
all wagons loaded proper
all fields plowed and sewn for crops

all crops reaped and sent to market
all clothes mended and worn as proper
all children taught good in school
all roads paved and fences painted

all men judged for breaking laws
all jails cleaned with brush and water
all rivers sweet for thirst of palette
all boats mended along with nets

grievances addressed, all complaints redressed
mothers counseled about stray children
fathers drug out early from bars
street lights lit brighter than stars

so if you don't want to be a king
will understand your discrepancy
from talk easily dropped from your lips
as you sit with cigarette contemplating this

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