Friday, January 10, 2014

Mshazari - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

"....crooked, slanting, oblique,
out of the straight or level
sloping, on one side...."

"Mshazari" a Swahili word
injects caution in our minds
to alert our stance to deviation
from the objective toward broad lies

here in a few letters
we see our challenge taken
to follow paths destined toward
success, not aggravation

applied to actions of all men
we choose to lead us onward
away from harmonious outcomes
of peace, goodwill and honor

my wish was not to criticize
make fun of projects failed
my wish stands only to commence
honest description of ourselves

if taxes go toward anything
they should here be paid for much
organization of establishments
those we can always trust

Mshazari, a word developed
to state in plainest terms
who is honest in their deeds
who lacks developed purpose

lies told for expediency
devolve our way of life
by rejecting cooperation
in the name purpose obliged

tell me truth, tell me plain
don't set me on this path
to distrust your every word
your image thusly trashed

get off the stage of power
if power's all you seek
not caring at all about my life
just what you can pocket freely

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