Friday, January 10, 2014

Over an Ocean - by Bob Atkinson

Over an Ocean
(c)2103 Bob Atkinson

travel though a world began
when time was but a thought
of who and what we do not know
an idea now to focus brought

brought by interaction elegant
in those little chunks of matter
reflexive motion twisting back
or simply from one hand passing

an ocean collected for our smiles
when whales wave arms at us
minnows swimming into gaping mouths
of larger fish and sharks

so many miles of water here
so many mysteries on our planet
we feel a passion displaced by sight
internal wonderment of water or granite

dive beyond a surface rough
churned by soft flowing winds
into a realm of salted liquid
below lighted air breathed in

beneath where submariners go
to guide their vessels deep
and leave behind those on the top
to say gosh, golly, gee

gone are pirates of years of old
though pirates exist today
living dreams of acquired wealth
pocketed in some violent way

ships of sail, pushed by trade winds
those of calm or violent tone
adventure given to the body
shores adorned with dried out bones

here in the middle of our time
toward life's story ever after
we see beauty gathered in
blue waters as we're passing

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