Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stability of Life - by Bob Atkinson

Stability of Life
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

we look into a darkened sky
to see a bright ball rise up high
we think this object's so serene
steady movement laid for quiet dreams

yet, if rocking motion made some sounds
we, in our naive state would lay confounded
noting harsh movement directed past us
toward our home, this angry planet

we sit so still in easy chairs
no noise of thunder, no raging flares
how can we imagine such energy
directed at our quiet serenity

perhaps expanded animation
reflects this planet we habituate
as we learn to live with given station
yet yearn to rage in retaliation

that inner throbbing of moon's gyrations
fills our hearts with ostentation
that oh so energetic twist of fate
flowing deeply near an abysmal state

all this motion drives us onward
assuming destiny's flowered carcass
tilling soil toward permanent description
dead ended ballads never heard nor visioned

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