Friday, January 10, 2014

The Battle of Fornovo - by Bob Atkinson

The Battle of Fornovo
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
over and above again
we see such idle times
when creeps that open honesty
which covers up broad lies
French were settled in the land
of those not from their soil
for want of wealth and power
willing others to destroy

war would enable Venice
to grab power over foreigners
retrieve some land and citizens
for their own selfish motives

calf be free of foreign tongues
directly to the boot
here in the land of history
and intrigue set wild afoot

we find some evidence in this
with what we have today
that ever active struggle
for which the children pay

gather into a ball with fist
your power and your sword
to give your wealth an increase
when you with peace get bored

those simple minded twits
who fight with violent opposition
to that which now exists
find no peaceful disposition

satisfies their want of power
takes goodness from their hand
give wildness of indiscretion
to their money and their flag

not only do we see a frequent
sadness from powered thrones
we see the open clarity
of greed mixed with firm resolve
French had traded claims for land
with Spain to them support
or support stays not a proper word
when aggravation here evolves

who won this battle openly
can now stand with much debate
doesn't matter why I say
to those who died in stages

you died for greatness of your soul
in fighting for the man
who found in his life a purpose
to instill agony in the land

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