Friday, January 31, 2014

The Critic - by Bob Atkinson

The Critic
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
he stayed away from meaning
thought not duty to tell that tale
the poet had garnered all his wisdom
penned good thoughts into a shell

he stayed with purpose elegant
left those trials exposed outside
and flaunted lack of dignity
in a moment of repositioned pride

one critic drove into grains beyond
what was conceived as beginning text
within those concepts of devotion
to informal language meanings restless

was the poet literate?
was he well rehearsed?
did he follow what had been
good language for his verse?

did he show broad purpose there
or did he just write fluff
those oft repeated feelings
not really such good stuff

did he ask a question real
or did he just succumb
to character produced by habit
lacking purpose with words so dumb

here's the good part of this tale
why we should ponder meaning
key question asks what's produced
when we write those words of feelings

knowledge doesn't flow from us
flows from beyond the living
from past lives we build our tale
from taking until giving

we accept what has gone before
construct this foundation strong
then give to that next generation
a building tall and long

so if I say your stuff is junk
that meaning carries within
good instruction verified to
add goodness to tales explicit

a force we hold inside our being
to produce our heart's content
carries forth the world before us
lays out those tales of conquest

sends our minds into a state
of backward in time dreaming
then gives meaning to our children
when we depart this scenery

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