Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ancient Tales - by Bob Atkinson

Ancient Tales
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

ancient tales of conquest tell us
stories which we do for lust
to captivate a common hardship
powdering goodness with pixie dust

puts our evolution aligned
like herring swimming in a school
taking initiative from our hearts
replaced by actions of the duplicitous fool

a mindset mired in cold doldrums
with errant forms of culture fixed
to undo much good construction
with explosions large and wicked

traveling upon continents
not of the homeland place
an errant physical deviation
devoid of style, form or grace

to hurt souls in a mindless march
contained in a false and putrid belief
that overly saddled sickness created by
treading hard on goodness peaked

setting forth a kernel
max delay of rational thought
pushing into well kept motions
callous feelings shallow, rotten

not bent on proper usage
of power here displayed
just thrown over into waters
whipped by harsh winds of change

tailor made for destruction
repeated cycles of the past
which satisfy a need for passion
controlled by the ruling class

most wicked see themselves
as humanity on fate's cusp
while fielding frigid aspirations
to gather gold dust from the crust

giving power to those who counted
on inept fumbling of the masses
pouring into hands of masters
seemed goodness while it lasted

then walking away from comfort
duties broad and well defined
to persuade the blatant, powerful
who guide all toward some jagged line

a line of silly rhetoric
designed to command our minds
and give up power to control
what's left of our broken lives

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