Monday, February 10, 2014

Poetry, Word Pictures - by Bob Atkinson

Poetry, Word Pictures
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
one's eyes bequeath a sterile look
at what, we don't really know of content
description lacking, not imbued
with something more than metaphor's illusion

language on the other hand
lays down the wisdom of mortal man
selling us one train of thought
by so many with their red blood bought

herein lies a tale of those
who listened or ignored their ghosts
lessons learned with much great danger
laid down on paper by unknown strangers

take this gift of many lives
adopt ideas, reject a premise, persevere inside
learn from mistakes of lifetimes past
keep yourself on a solid true path

tell your tales so others might
avoid pitfalls of darkened blight
prosper honestly, no thief's consequences
when life lived fully with projected honesty

carry on to a new clean page
without that burden of useless rage
set yourself a goal with merit
to use ideas of honor we all inherit

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