Monday, February 17, 2014

The Poet - by Bob Atkinson

The Poet
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

thrill of indecision made
when words don't flow like in the glade
fumbling over choice of meaning
transgression mixed with emotional feelings

talent, that elusive spice
lies dormant when no words suffice
to exhale meaning toward the public
setting norms within a subject

here and there we supplement
that life force created from existence
drag forth into our combination
tales of wispy conflagration

yet, when all is said and done
we track our usage to number one
that most important task we do
having feelings for me and you

gives one purpose here in time
sets memories together, some might rhyme
some simply sit and agitate
some drive us to open another gate

history accumulates
emotional ties in a fragile state
settles upon those worn out troughs
frees our souls to move just onward

acquiring energy to motivate
onward, upward, such great agitation
feeding upon what has past
giving to the future something lasting

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