Friday, May 30, 2014

Classical Music - by Bob Atkinson

Classical Music
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

emotions of a musical flow
run fast through an audience you know
this enigma supersedes all hope
of prior instinctual sensitivity quoted

feeling part of a whole begins
those undulating causes retrieved
simple tones of simple minds
flow into and out of rhyme

if ten thousand souls or more
this feeling amplifies toward the cosmos
with warm laughter driven
into the hearts of men and women

ample messages abound
modified by action of bright sounds
piercing through to aura blessed
smashing into hard work compressed

hands wave in wild gyrations
forever longing for evaluation
of a tempo distributed fully into
a large nest of melodies superhuman

never before and never after
this combination of expressed laughter
comprised of this precise audience
one removed would make it different

exact construct of human form
an assemblage of human foreheads
feeding here upon their waves
that incidental matrix made

to occupy our universe
our simple thoughts our canted verse
our times herein supplied
with tales of old themes described

in depth of vision clearly made
a song, a tune, a broad display
of talent honed with practiced art
a medallion won for playing smart

herein lies fine art

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