Monday, May 19, 2014

Greatest Poet, Best Poet - by Bob Atkinson

Greatest Poet
Best Poet
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

those who view our language
as some simple tricks prevailing
see nuts and bolts not attitude
nor purpose in their wailing

me, I see some use for words
not like some who help poetry not
those who kill the genre'
with ideas lacking any thought

they drift their minds onto the sands
and feed their egos without care
for any finite judgment, producing trash
flimsy descriptions of what is, or isn't there

to read these tripe-ly scribblings
sometimes brings fluid from below
to mess the table fully
needing a gag to end the flow

this creates masters in name only
not those with talents broad
holding a parchment paper stating
their credentials lie quite strong

then send them to the real world
to the bottom of that list
where they could have risen to the top
like lead weights they mostly sink

to study history enlightens minds
to study art tempers the soul
to feel the passion of old times
produces spirits brave and bold

to ponder over simple problems
creates a solver attitude
while those who produce the garbage
see their words as absolute

don't profess to know the truth
but truth here is quite strong
when simple salutations are
read of Baudelaire's longings

he dove deep in his own mind
and saw what could be gleaned
when one tries to adjust to change
that simple or profoundly keen

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