Monday, May 19, 2014

Modern - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

rejection of tradition can
in places denote progress
or regression to untamed goals
bringing pain of older process

creation of a world defined
by daily chug-a-lugs
feeds a sense of sanity
deep into minds of thugs

here we must digress
to discuss what we have done
to filter goodness from our lives
in the name of flagged resolve

nature has us combining effort
to build a super being
constructed from the sinew
of labored backs and teachings

to live that life devoted
in an animated gyration
resolves to infuse direction
and purpose for our breathing

we call it city
we call it state
we call it nation
we call it race

we call it full of vitality
and hopes of leisure times
as we sit on our backsides
fully relaxed and reclined

smoke our poisoned dope
to detract from efforts made
to infuse into reality
that price we have to pay

for filling our grand illusion
that we've meaning yet to find
and teach our children right from wrong
so they might remember our times

here in the sad confusion
of life we have created
we sit and ponder reality
a hard duty relegated
to those who run down a path
which ends with high stone walls
and teaches us to try our best
a purpose for us all

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