Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time For the Feeling - by Bob Atkinson

Poem of the Month June 2014: Tell Her No/Time of the Season
poemwriter: Rod Argent

Tell Her No/Time of the Season

and if she should tell you
come closer
and if she tempts you

with her charms

tell her no no no
don't hurt me now

for her love belongs
to me

I know she's the kind of girl
who'd throw my love away
but I still love her so
don't hurt me now

don't hurt me now

If she tells you I love you
just remember she said that to me

tell her no
don't take her love from my arms
no no no
don't leave me now for her love belongs to me

it's the time of the season 
when love runs high

 in this time
give it to me easy 
and let me try
with pleasured hands

 to take you in the sun
to promised lands
 to show you every one
 it's the time of the season
for loving

 what's your name? 
who's your daddy? 
is he rich like me? 

has he taken any time
 to show you what you need
to live

tell it to me slowly
 tell me what
I really want to know

 it's the time of the season for loving
are you ready for the show?


Time For the Feeling
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
as time slips from my pocket
my love, you have compressed
all desire in my soul
all feelings I possess

into that ball of thunder
bright flashes in my eyes
telling me to seduce you
before the sun's on fire

here in the dark of midnight's grasp
I feel the embers glow
of want, desire, gotta haves
your body with its flow

flow of senses, smell and fire
all that tumbles through your heart
beyond to morrow's situation
may we never, ever part

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