Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pride and Respect - by Bob Atkinson

Pride and Respect
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

tales begin with the ending fate
of those who further propagated
lives of ages past devolved
because of our thoughts upon

relationships we describe
in our hearts, in our minds
those simple fundamental tunes
which blow up fiction like balloons

incomplete information
sends signals fraught with infatuation
while in a real world we show regret
not prepared for life's harsher test

a soldier's fate, bloody death
a citizen dies of microbe's fester
one without luck gets stuck on a pole
nobody rides for free we're told

hard work kills at mid twenties
no concubines or willing hussies
no wealth for those born into
that quagmire of low caste stew

today we strive for opportunity
some sense of order, righteous duty
hopefully bringing to the table
all we can when we are able

couch potatoes, those inactive screw ups
the lax, the slugs who move stones not
find no purpose, are discarded
dearly missed, but soon departed

we must produce more than consumed
or pay the price of one fully useless
hard work begins the day by dawn
work ends not when we go home

if one lives in putrid squalor
has two arms and legs that follow
grab a broom and clean that mess
don't look for reward beyond respect

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