Saturday, May 24, 2014

School & Scholars -- by Bob Atkinson

School & Scholars
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

drag us through that institution
one which sends us to the grind
of absorption, mass confusion
intellect, determined kind

why should we this journey make
why count new candles on our cake
why fill our nights with dim light
on pages not so often bright

why study what's been donated
to posterity, postulated
why fly toward some lofty goal
why sweeten all facts we know

when fact worship becomes the norm
before each and every dawn
we find puzzlement abates
discussion ended, new thoughts not made

a person sees himself in light
of white and black, super sized
not assuming new ideas
of those opposed to one's ideals

moral to this simple story
one vaguely crafted with allegory
here in this place I place
a challenge to the well disgraced

think of all you've been taught
the manner of which it's been brought
ritual settings synthesized
to mold your mind to their way of life

and who are they who poke at you
and prick your thoughts with attitude
are they the cream of nature's crop
or are they just mindless dogma mongers

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