Friday, May 30, 2014

Violence and Elegance - by Bob Atkinson

Violence and Elegance
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
Napoleon did conquer
that first broad test of fame
not good, not bad, not in between
but in the here again

this place of mind so powerful
'neath that forest of the head
which strives to align ideals
with fearfulness of dread

sinks well into one's soul
a buttress does it make
to ward against illusion's loss
when the real into us bakes

can't find a goal which to reach
which doesn't sacrifice to lesser gods
can't move into that field of vision
without a licensed charge

in past we lived in barbarity
some still do that today
to feel the might of clenched fist
and open rebellion strays

from a goal of humanity
sought by those with sense
ignored by some who use the time
to instill broad fear and dread

who remains here in the right
don't know an answer to this exists
there lies beneath our skin a fire
for smashed out elegance

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