Sunday, June 15, 2014

Duplicity - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

"... the extent of falseness of which he was capable is surprising, when we consider how limited was his intelligence ..." France Under Regency

duplicity of purpose, deed
to us has become adverse
seen as an overarching putrid retch
in not giving respect for thoughts reversed

our people desire courtesy
not storms of simple hate
when one believes in this
as a group we cannot take

an idea as held within the heart
held back by indecision
and future vision failed
crime of a cloud cast vision

no, give me something to believe
that doesn't oppose my memory
of mamma's purest dreams
house built next to an apple tree

not all believe the same thing
so what's the matter with that?
as long as disagreement
doesn't result in violent spats

vile, viscous decomposition
of good intent displayed
by an unraveled monarch
applies actions destined for decay

to those who value good in us
for morality to prevail
let us give boot to monarchs
who try to cross our trail

with lies of fact or fiction
a single purpose to erode
our will to combat destruction
of safety in our homes

for all who come to these shores
to all who work so hard
we pay respect for efforts given
hats tipped when passing farms

we see our country as a place
for freedom to discharge
an organized creation
which cannot lies absorb

in time of future need
in time of energies enormous
we'll build a fabric for us all to
sit and contemplate accomplishment

where the words
not for him, nor her, but me
have no settled place
a home for us all
built with style, the finest grace

all treated by the mass
as equal in potential gain
but not given anything
not earned or needing repay

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