Sunday, June 1, 2014

Poemwriter to the Stars or Stars in One's Eyes - by Bob Atkinson

Poemwriter to the Stars
Stars in One's Eyes
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
take me to a trip beyond
those wild adventures of my mind
to heaven's gates for finding grace
a willingness of timely grindings

where do these ultimate upheavals
of gnarly composition, rhythmic steeples
ideas within my head expanded
find form, or fearful dread of people

can't see, although I try
where the new here gets applied
best stories we can find are old
written in past times when freedom flowed

take this idea again to heart
resurface it with dreaded locks
push hard to make it flow
from my aching head to toes

then call yourself what you will
if you don't cherish work and zeal
cannot give you respect due unless
you move me with word craft's best

trite phrases of the meaningless
bungled process, ever present
takes from you that mantle proud
don't call yourself Poet if
you've let all peoples down

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