Saturday, June 14, 2014

So Difficult to Fly - by Bob Atkinson

So Difficult to Fly
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

so much difficult to travel
so much time to spend
waiting at the terminal
for this trip to end

will the plane be on time
so hard it is to fly
while suffering from conversation
loudly made by the other guy

taking off one's shoe
putting laptops in a bin
unbelting in a moment
regrouping on a bench
peanuts for our meal
dinner waits until we land
two hours of no real food
oh mister, I'm in pain

oh this misery we endure
this terrible disgrace
flying to our destination
at a slow marched pace

years ago would not have been
so hard to cross the land
jump up on a Conestoga
after hitching mules to it

riding on a board so soft
for months out in the rain
attacked by natives on the run
for denuding their land of game

up and over mountains
through passes in the winter
getting stuck in snow so high
made one die of shivers

what would they think of us now
our cries our sobs our howls
would they think of us as strong
or would they see our character

as that which lacks objective
spirit of release
squeals from a wobbly disposition
of the lazy and the meek

they'd think we've become
fragile squeamish tarts
backbones of elastic
souls lacking a strong part

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