Friday, June 27, 2014

Songs of Louis Capart - by Bob Atkinson

Songs of Louis Capart
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
simple phrases satisfy
although messages pass me by
deep within the voice of sentiment
moves a heart toward contentment

driving again down a road
simple farms of crops unknown
to Dijon up from Paris
could have been just anyplace

City of Light still inspires
six story limit gives up an aura
expanding possibilities for space
room for sidewalk dining tables

Treff am Rex written on pages
a story told of feckless craving
someday bright screen will show
how heart's desire grows and grows

Capart's voice transcends my mind
could be from any decade past
language used to paint the sun
drives in toward all meanings of

past good times or future fun
satisfaction sipping a coffee cup
successful endeavor or busted run
no matter, has all been fun

no matter now, all will wait
for this album to run its pace
settled feelings of quiet grace
all bodes well, no wild cast rage

thank you Capart for morning mood
of my time within mind's groove
language meaning escapes my thought
yet this feeling ever locks

me into awareness of satisfaction
allowed this morning from reaction
to words describing your desire
to entertain with heart filled fire

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