Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Theory of Evolution - by Bob Atkinson

The Theory of Evolution
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

evolve do we as time moves on
toward what? don't know beyond
a simple statement of direction
confusion through generic insurrection

formed as if in a stew pot
our ideals, morals, the total lot
gathered openly for all to see
with blinder covered eyes of weeds

weeping for all that's not
weeping for progress ever lost
wildly swinging arms about
casting doubt on emerging fountains

here in times of greatest progress
we see the dust of massive construction
blindfold covers our vision truly
no firm resolve of honest meanings

the animal of our truest conviction
lies still as if in agony succumbed
moves not here toward evolution
a dead ended drain on resolution

to have all nerve endings in one place
disrupts communication's pace
neurons need be embedded
in the spine, in limbs extended

decisions made for local folks
made by those who know the most
about events, needs, requests
not by insulated gentry of regret

sure, we all will evolve
toward freedom's everlasting resolve
to build each being as strength allows
all of us standing tall and proud

effort comes toward meaning of
that desire to prosper with all our love
for  every living person's goodness
animals, plants, planet, great progress certain

progress made to see the time
when all live free of godless crime
forcing of ideals upon another
with threat of harm's great social blunder

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