Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Once I Thought You The Enemy - by Bob Atkinson

Once I Thought You The Enemy
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
here in the garden of good and bad
we look as if we've been had
stare at each other in disbelief
as if a mirror stands between

those we sought to dehumanize
those who attacked our pride
those whom we sought to erase
in front of us reflect our face

same wants, desires, accolades
same pride of purpose, same outrage
same story told of childhood
why do we fight, not understood

power comes to sneak through
control direction, setting of moods
power puts us all in chains
power demands a deranged brain

power for the individual
control of mankind a perfect symbol
of how to force a dogma far
into that mind of melted heart

fear not my friend the enemy
fear that "friend" who takes your freedom
by the chains of ritual fierce
from ages garnered, free will pierced

fear not the designated antagonist
fear one who points and shakes his fist
tells you "the enemy" is not on your side
and sets in motion genocide

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