Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Simplicity of Love - by Bob Atkinson

Simplicity of Love
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

circumstance breeds flight
as a bird moves over blue sky
here I find you tenderly
sitting here in love with me

burdens carried over time
your duty parallel to mine
all simple pleasures not to find
without the simplicity of love

tell me are you engulfed
with broken heart and purpose of
that duly constituted love
I find here in my heart

a world so complex in nature
takes away all rooted pleasure
those energies of force you see
we fight off with resistant pleas

resistance now holding fast
when we have achieved at last
a goal within arm's reach
that goal stands as you and me

love starts with beating hearts
flows down through one's mind
driven there by force of time
matures as grapes on a vine

then plucked by lovers taking truth
in feelings drawn so deep for use
emotions arrived here from above
with the purest simplicity of love

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