Friday, July 11, 2014

The Civilized vs The Decomposed - by Bob Atkinson

The Civilized vs The Decomposed
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

nobody now cares to admit

our cities have become drug pits

civilized moved on so they can live

without the blight of depraved kids

these heathen souls who have become

that part of nature known as dung

get not trained in setting goals like men

go simply lost to propriety, in any event

money has not to do with this effort

purpose and goodwill toward everybody

carries all material needed for good life

yet the guns of animals fire every night

with broom in hand and gritted teeth

we all believe in widespread freedom

we can choose that gentle path

or stop the carnage with heavy hand

pick up your boots and settle down

don't brood and take the easy ground

get to work with mop on fire

take back your humanity, respect desire

ambition finds its place in time

to clean out flotsam requires nose-grind

quality of life defines a city safe

kindness, love, stand at those gates

towns begin to percolate

grow grass, trees tall in parkland spaces

schools and places of learning grow

we give each other a respectful bow

we can accomplish all our goals

with effort stand up on our toes

takes not what we don't have

sane recognition of the worth of man

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