Monday, August 18, 2014

Grand Establishment - by Bob Atkinson

Grand Establishment
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
tell me surely in your words
why and how this has occurred
take me on a trip of legitimacy
not diving into your own vocabulary

by telling me it's not my job
to control that ruthless angry mob
or pointing out disloyalty of
people harshly mistreating love

liabilities they have accepted
yet ignored, personal worth rejected
while in the act of mob reaction
telling me, I'm not with passion

fold me into that veracity of life
rarely seen through all hard strife
find me willing to support
a direction toward mutual accord

set me up and keep me warm
when my feelings disagree with yours
train my eyes to see with all
clarity of purpose through it all

don't jockey toward that power stand
which designates you as "big man"
keep your purpose pure as ice
let not your deeds develop avarice

take not from me to give away
all I worked hard for on days of labor
ask return for wealth spent on charity
receive back energy not sloth and disparity

show me how you can survive
when disaster hit all who tried
to guide the people toward a goal
with simple ideas of mutual warmth

govern well my home of choice
take in all who love a gentle tone
discard quickly those who would detract
from harmony of purpose on our path

let us be settled in our home
no boundaries of doubt for conscious tone
which builds upon the greater good
peace, harmony and brotherhood

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