Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ill Defined - by Bob Atkinson

Ill Defined
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

bravery settles on a shore
willingness to find me more
evolved of daily recipe
pumpkin pie or ice cream treats

drag me screaming percolated
onto hills where scenery displays
flowing rivers headed seaward
for oceans deep, many shore locations

to please a fundamental need
youthful, strong, not weak indeed
a hope within this mind gyrated
trending fast, underlined, satiated

see my wants begin to seep
down my chest onto my knees
then spread around on the ground
until evaporation destroys the vision

yet, hopes, wants, true desires
begin to find my head afire
dozens of wild thoughts devolved
in process of red, blue, ordered smoothly

surreal fire, that true desire
nocturnal or daytime formed
feeding upon truth or scorn
righteous in speech or action cloaked

down in a scene where we cannot see
behind some thin facade of reason
personal desires festered cleanly
causing painful numbed out feelings

lamenting always what cannot be
hurting those who desire freedom
while rewarding many of callous deeds
with false promises made to keep

toes of puppets on the line of precept
restrained by purpose, no friends of mine
who take their fervor into the realm
of humanity traded for cause repugnant

blowing up where construction might
fill the needs of some who fight
when they should lay down their arms
after living harshly as peasant soldiers

give me peace, my lifelong mission
lay down with softness in your feelings
keep all safe with gentle hand
don't kill the future of all good men

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