Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hunter Gatherer vs Farmer - by Bob Atkinson

Hunter Gatherer vs Farmer
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
here we have the pickle
a process openly made
of how we can secure some food
upon our table displayed

coax nature to grow what we
can use here in our lives
or let her openly produce
wildlife for our smiles

gather berries in forest lands
and shoot the game therein
plant those berries on our farms
or domestic animal pen

either way we feed our needs
produce what fills us full
setting into motion purpose
of why we're here at all

catch what lives out in the wild
earn a living with skills of mood
choices based upon our luck
born with fathers' tools
here in these times we've seen
farmers do it all for us
ranchers raise the animals
butchers do the rest

we see not toil of production
only toil of using things
produced in abundance
allowing us to slink

into that morass of uncertainty
a feeling of despair
where our skills cannot be utilized
to procure a decent fare

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