Monday, September 22, 2014

I Need You Mister Goldsmith - by Bob Atkinson

I Need You Mister Goldsmith
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
having now a dearth of thought
my concern for inspiration's broad
Mister Goldsmith come talk to me
need more ideas on which to breathe

to me your deep ideas impart
all you believed in all you garnered
you learned so much from your long walks
recite to me what happened on

this trek beyond those national borders
from here to there, then in reverse order
people you met, all they spoke of
where did you find food, warm beds, clothing

who called you the smartest idiot
who couldn't understand your whims
who knew you to be absurdly prolific
who sat with you and spoke indifferent

here in my waning years
my desire to accomplish perseveres
no rest at all for a wicked man
not in my desires, not in my plans

Mister Goldsmith tell me true
has all you've learned been set to music
so we might study your perspective
while driving in our horseless carriages

wish I had been there in your crowd
to absorb the meaning of your frowns
to feel the purpose in good sayings
and forever languish in saving

all the wisdom of your time
brought forth with and without rhyme
set in that small type font of book
an everlasting wall of good

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