Sunday, September 7, 2014

Judging Unfairness - by Bob Atkinson

Judging Unfairness
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

the ideal situation
sends messages to the brain
we have a perfect union
of risk, reward and gain

when we dive in deeper
to the bottom of that pit
our eyes enlarge so fully
our breath begins to pant

desire to control direction
leads us to outcomes tasked
toward filling empty efforts
with remembrance of the past

our prior glory expanded fully
fading memories brought out clear
to detail some false reality
appropriate only for our cheer

we dominate a function
adding power to our muscles
by tasking of our brothers
method's using advantage thusly

we love to impose on someone else
our will of pure desire
for that which follows creases
toward rising of hot flamed fires

this doubles capacity for one's goals
that dubious drag of nature
an overburdened useful gimmick
which translates to desires and favors

we all object to heathen souls
sitting on a couch devoid of purpose
doing nothing while engaged
in a useless negative circus

to trend always in a direction
which fills the needs of man
overcomes inertia, supplying strength
to directions strangely blended

by grabbing another's hand
forcing ideas upon his brain
we tend to feed our egos
by imposition of ideas plain

hence we're part of nature
not a good part which speaks the truth
when called upon to self describe
our own lazy attitude

some thoughts directly navigate
down that curved river of desire
which fills our ego with puffed air
satisfies selfishness of the liar

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