Sunday, September 7, 2014

Macho Violent Culture - by Bob Atkinson

Macho Violent Culture
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
rising up from natural origins
of animal lust and bucking horns
we see and feel a pressing need
to expand thoughts, expand our breed

look at dry seeds of wisdom's flow
look at the power of faith in destiny
look at herds immensely grazing
on grass beneath the trees

look at some open gates
not holding back our spirit's tide
giving flow of opportunity
to accomplishment and pride

conquering environment requires
breaking through of fences built
setting back astute observations
of why we've lost our sense of guilt

ideas of violence from the past
have developed feelings in our soul
control us in our marching stance
not letting goodness flow

we can survive in harmony
if our methods find revision
tighten grip on our humanity
keep an ever crystal vision

we need to see these actions
in their native form
which sends us to the future
not calloused, mean, nor bored

natural evolution creates direction
allowing change with gentle tone
construction of the sensible
using skills with which we're born

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