Monday, September 1, 2014

Puppets, Pawns, Prognosticators - by Bob Atkinson

Puppets, Pawns, Prognosticators
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
those who view this life as challenge
delve into lust of powered standing
using puppets to unfold
their dreams of controlling all inroads

they give a sniff of ideas or change
to those who possess putty for brains
molding some with lack of character
into an army, a semi-forceful barrier

what do these puppets get for this?
what benefit have they, in broad solace?
do they find here in the end
they have lived the life of men?

taking of their humanity by criminal action
trails in its wake some monster analogy
never could we find ourselves
proud of that in which we delved

these pawns who give their lives away
find only grief of dastardly days
removing from them love of life
buried by this loud yelled tripe

tripe which feeds their brains to pigs
tripe which sees their goodness shrink
tripe which finds their lives remote
from love of humanity or mother's milk

so, if some tell you they know the truth
'tis only they know how you to use
in their quest for selfish direction
feeding lust with their lack of complexity

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