Monday, September 1, 2014

Same Show, Different Century, Progress Barely Made - by Bob Atkinson

Same Show, Different Century,
Progress Barely Made
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

look around to find the new
can't do that if you try
nothing of this world's unique
just a repeat of hard old trials

can we climb this hump of ours
which seems to portend disgrace
or will we end up on the deck
by extinction of the human race

only new in this repeat
leverage of our bloodshed's force
which takes breath from humanity
charting precisely an uncertain course

in our sad embrace we find
we cannot comprehend events
seen through force of ambition
shown us through colored lenses

our desire for survival
flips beliefs on end to end
changes vision of reality
by force of true pretense

during clashes of ideals displayed
goals apparent or defended
seem to us quite logical
as our views become upended

survival by carnage multiplied
how does that work for you
making a better world by force
by wanton killing of quite a few

let's put numbers to this deed
a plus, a minus here
will this overloaded task
prove an end of man's good cheer

or does the flow of progress
outshine the flow of tears
by setting into imagination
a gentle kind of fear

fear of foolish actions
which bog the cogs of fate
and flutter through the ashes
of progress barely made

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