Friday, September 26, 2014

The Realm of Humans - by Bob Atkinson

The Realm of Humans
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

holding wonder, amazement
here in our palm of hand
we view a life disjointed
as if just grains of sand

we flow down when picked up
we blow in solid winds
we fly when thrown across the room
we slide when stepped upon

we're only one of many who
can't force much here in life
but when we stick together
we become that slab of granite

a solid piece of architecture
which stands for eons to
tell of those left behind
our timeless brooding moods

we can gain togetherness
with those not yet born
if we leave emotions for them
for those who become forlorn

our poetry describes our being
tells of feelings deep
tries to explain our rationale
our deepest inner seed

so, to those of distant future
we say hello to their hearts
present what we can of our times
of how we lived and thought

why we did those actions
how we viewed our situation
how we stood upon the earth
seeing planets in wild gyration

simple in our makeup
we're a link from history
to the future unknown
that finite mystery

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