Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Many a Bad Guy's Bones - by Bob Atkinson

Many a Bad Guy's Bones
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
prideful action drives them home
to gather all their guts
held skills of lawmen secreted
left with both knives and guns

these men may find their place
in history's legends, stories
inspiration for civilization
that plague of human glory

lone ranger stories told to us
about how he took to ride
with Grey Ghost of Seneca
both traveled here with pride

from Texas to the Ark they saw
duty well and clear
an overburdened force for good
powder dried with bad guys' fear

this pair of fired lawmen
who never gave an inch
cleared the land of impudence
allowing gentle citizens to live

lives of the purposed kind
to fray a muscled man
and raise a family in pure peace
with work, an honest hand

men who till soil deep
need protection from the rotten
Grey Ghost and Loneman steeped in dust
filled needs for skills of lawmen

heroes to our inner ear
to minds out of the city
holding firm an open grasp
of rightness without pity

brought bad men to justice
held their honor firm
never, ever backing down
no matter what the curse

to feel as if one matters
was felt there in their home
these lawmen of a changed world
broke many a bad guy's bones

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