Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sharpness of Her Pen - by Bob Atkinson

Sharpness of Her Pen
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

she stood upon that center stage
to act as if she had
an openness of direction
through sharpness of her pen

she told of laments abundant
tales of woe held near her chest
an alternating aberration
lost in such soft duress

tried to absorb her meaning
face covered by my hands
alternated sobs and laughter
a simple mortal man

she ended with a diatribe
on how he left her moods
buoyed by freedom's percolation
which let her find her tools

to build a character of love
when lover left the nest
seeking a fully formed pretense
which sauntered to the audience

I loved here every moment
although couldn't tell you why
just felt as if emotion
had hit me in the eye

my character I questioned
because she knew so well
needs of the initiated
past things I'll never tell

the end came quite abruptly
lights faltered and went out
causing a gasp from audience
then from them many claps

tell you when I'm sober
thing I did right then
in reaction to her motions
and the sharpness of her pen

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