Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tribute to the Boxer - by Bob Atkinson

Tribute to the Boxer
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
thank goodness for St Paul
good a place as lives for song
in those halls we found reverb
new feelings we can borrow

instruments gave such a chorus
was long to end this job
as one hundred hours of studio
took to complete, went on and on

yes, words can gather meaning
as the years roll down my back
I'm involved in life's true feelings
as if they're coming back

to the places I have traveled
to the tears that I have shed
as if an instrument of feeling
as I lay here on my bed

was done by bits and pieces
this song of boxer's lust
an instrument of reason busted
should send out for more lunch

here when fall time season
changes colors of the trees
my worth becomes a nickel
as my bones begin to freeze

my character climbs fully
on those walls of ivy leaves
taking only but a moment
to reject my cries and pleas

yes they didn't give me credit
when my credit card was due
yet, with only six string fingers
I have penned these words for you

our youth gives many lessons
when we take those things in stride
which ever finds us pressing
for expansion of our pride

we carry for a lifetime
some great cause for which we're shamed
and expand those open pleasures
of enjoyment for our pain

never entering into visions
which dissipate like fog in rain
just let me soothe my burden
with whatever I have gained

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