Thursday, November 6, 2014

Composition of Us - by Bob Atkinson

Composition of Us
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

we consist of many things
mother, father, ancestral springs
flowing down through all of time
until the present of yours and mine

serious discussion needed here
meanings broad, nothing to fear
how our world gets organized
begins to form under our eyes

to imagine these ideas professed
must suspend belief of rocky cliffs
do we consist of salty brine
or chunks of life unrelated to time

here, in imagination's realm
every part belongs to all else
life gone before has changed our mood
by simple inclusion in reality's brew

reaction, composition of moods
takes origin from those with whom
our world before us fought their way
toward where we stand, our present day

why we drive toward complex themes
in an ocean mixed with every dream
becomes a question for our hearts
leaves us in doubt, a grand purpose for art

unanswered questions here abouts
might never find solutions, described results
might never be told what here exists
but speculation abounds in this abyss

every object made in all of time
every thought prior to yours and mine
every idea professed until now
lies mixed with us, we're life's ship's bow

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