Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dreams of Youth - by Bob Atkinson

Dreams of Youth
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

the gentle breeze of ocean scene
carried on to shore by waves
shows a misty entourage of wings
on my mind somewhat dismayed

golden days of youthful rage
before I understood
how this world was organized
the order of how we moved

youth has in lack of knowledge
advantage here and now
no worries of mortality
or weaknesses defined

simple thoughts of simple minds
unburdened by the sense
of grand spatial relationships
or proper actions left unfenced

they will learn in time what fills
this world with progress made
that everlasting accomplishment
left to their children's days

here in our defined spaces
we live with all those folks
who pen our hopes and dreams
into a corner as if by rope

here and there with diligence
we break free from such restraints
and see our dreams come to fruition
with style and with grace

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