Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Era of Illusion - by Bob Atkinson

Era of Illusions
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

wishing doesn't make it so
as we've learned in these past years
finding everlasting progress
takes many wasted tears

future filled with harmony
such a worthy goal
comes at a price of ego
and toil of many folks

let us begin the journey
to take with us our land
and fully excavate its soil
with machine and hand

forming a greater nation
based upon some precepts wrote
some everlasting hardened roles
which carry goodness in its fold

try to send a message
not tolerant of hate
no taking trials of ages
into the pail of waste

let them know barbarity
cannot be allowed its head
no, we won't accept violence
as a method of the dead

dead of heart these heathen sods
who use religion as a crutch
to kill and injure citizens
who must regain our trust

killing willy nilly
or killing at all cannot
be something humanity cherishes
for them there is no god

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