Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pervasive Style - by Bob Atkinson

Pervasive Style
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

bland form sends a message
to us who hesitate in thought
not fixed in function nor devised
undulated by surfaces caught

back in those old times of trouble
some of which still remain today
we work ourselves into a bubble
organizing throbbing, shooting pain

how can this altogether show
in our darkest hour of crisis
sincerity testing meditation
without use of an odorous flower

to tell the truth we incubate
desires in our heart
grow devious burdens of concern
thus receding good works of art

so toned our nature becomes
to life wonderful or ghastly
we hardly look toward the future
as our lives revolve on past dreams

depends upon our choices made
to become good or nasty souls
descriptive labels applied to our lives
become everlasting stories unknown

unknown by conscious thought
under cover we persevere beyond
toward fabric of the natural world
in the push and shove of onward

we cannot change what's prearranged
we cannot comprehend
that everlasting background
upon which our world depends

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