Friday, November 14, 2014

Prestige - by Bob Atkinson

  • prominency
    (c)2014 Bob Atkinson

    here we have good purpose
    for our emergence from disgrace
    our intellect directed fully
    toward gentle style and grace

    leadership becomes on surface
    an essential ingredient in this tale
    taking from man's history wisdom
    good deed and good intent prevailed

    hold on to your bootstraps fella
    cancel appointments you have made
    grab that cup of coffee brewed
    open your window shades

    here in our darkest moment
    when we begin to doubt ourselves
    we've backed directly into purpose
    a definition of where we've failed

    then, with no extended delay
    I'll spell it for your needs
    to thoroughly understand the route
    we need to undertake to succeed

    must here work on cachet
    showing dignity in our efforts
    esteem, good pride's reflection
    of importance in our merit

    power held in reserve to evoke
    prominence by our flag thus waved
    reputation preceding us when we
    arrive here on world's stage

    standing among the group of nations
    high stature, if you will allow
    leading status letting us
    show weight of what we love

    authority of the solid foundation
    celebrity when among our peers
    those also of consequence
    having also shed their tears

    in control of life seeking clearly
    harmony within nature's frame of mind
    refraining from those tangential trips
    toward ascendancy of power climbs

    all seeing in our produce
    credit for what we've done
    distinction for that time when we
    had great problems to overcome

    eminence of leadership
    illustriousness of our fate
    kudos given us by those
    who position us as great

    preeminence in decisions
    as rank builds via explanation
    regard for our station's purpose
    carries high renown for reputation

    repute not disputed
    our state so stable built
    to sway others in our direction
    rejecting devil's dictatorship

    prominence for humanity's sake
    created by us all
    by constant effort to evolve
    what's good for one and all

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