Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Grains of Life - by Bob Atkinson

Grains of Life
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

softly flowing prior years
those of some past delights
determined elements of time
focused with indulgent desire

to relive some yesteryears today
we're dreaming toward those prior days
when all that went before was calm
no worries, or determined faults

sifting bad feelings out of mind
leaves thoughts of love again
we think not of that struggle
which determined where we stand

holding hands again resolves
those trials we all went through
to work bad memories to dust
and follies to laughing stew

no, there were no obstacles
we couldn't climb upon
no force of nature we could not
work on until was gone

we stand so tall within our hearts
we find we've done quite well
in working all our problems out
while passing close to gates of hell

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