Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heat - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

to understand workings
of that which most don't care
sends us on an errand
to mindless wanderings there

this sign of relative touch
an over threshold leap
begins a journey circumscribed
with wonder, disbelief

what's "heat?"

better some great scientist
explain this dude to you
myself, only an observer
of those who know the truth

about such strange diversions
we see daily in our lives
but fail to understand detail
no effect here on our pride

heat's defined as transfer
of energy proposed
not work, nor solids predisposed
to shift their worthy goals

increases entropy
what that means I do not know
while shifting something here to there
akin to wiggling toes

latent heat's inclusive
while "sensible" changes not
that variable which we know
gets considered in this pot

what this all means to life
haven't got a clue here, any bit
should put heat to study on my calendar
if in future have a minute

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