Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Poverty and Privation - by Bob Atkinson

Poverty and Privation
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

give me a break you who wail
about your current station
don't understand this world of ours
has many, many layers?

to groan and mumble words of woe
when you're healthy in your body
tells me you've a selfish streak
see wealth as all that matters

how does that align with deserving
to go where you look upon
when you, there in your feelings
care not to help us all

purpose stays for those who know
how this world evolved
from hunter gatherer stalemate
to farmers working with their plows

not so much size of your tv set
that says how you resolved
to join a mainstream culture
more said of how you charge

charge those around you
to learn of life with energy
and feed that passion burning
within your heart felt need

push back on that which holds
your toes from tapping sounds
of progress in your station
with efforts wild, unbounded

push back on your community downers
who keep others from your streets
and feed that morass of hopelessness
which holds back your brothers' seed

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